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Stake Out II
"Hello....what's this?  Finally some action."  "Maybe" Jeff responded flatly.  'Mmmm'  I thought.  'He didn't drive in,...interesting.'  I looked at the car as it slowly reserved closer to the hidden camera. "Don't think that's a suitable candidate for stolen parts unless there is a demand for Saturn Ions!"  Jeff chuckled. "I would agree with you on that point.  Let's watch."

to be continued......  
Goodwill Store Clerk
Cathy enjoyed working the two late afternoons down at the Goodwill store.  It was a nice end to the day from her regular office job at the phone company.  She had been at Goodwill for almost a year now and she got to know many of the folks who came in, as well as the staff who worked there.  She did the books each week and stayed late on Thursdays to let the guys in to take out the 'junk' in the back room that sorted from the general depositories.  This was stuff that was either broken or not an item they could sell.

One of the perks of working there was she was able to have first pick of clothes or shoes that were dropped off.  Finances were tight since the sudden death of her husband.  He had no insurance and she had to sell the house and move into an apartment to make ends meet.  However, things had slowly turned around and she was getting back on her feet, so to speak.

A delivery was made that afternoon from a local store in the mall that went out of business.  It was going to be inventoried tomorrow and Cathy knew there was a good selection of new clothes in there.  She looked at the wall clock.  Six.  The two other helpers came out of the break room carrying their coats and bags as they walked towards the main door.  "Anyone in the bathrooms ladies?" Cathy called out cheerfully. "Nope." came the reply.  "You girls have a good evening now!"  "Thanks Cathy!  You too!"  She followed them to the front door and locked it behind them.  The 'Junk Truck' wouldn't be here for at least and hour, plenty of time to check out the new inventory!

Switching off the main store lights, she went into the back room, forgetting to unlock the side door for when the guys arrived.  She hoped Todd would be one of them as he seemed to like her.  Putting one of the boxes on the sorting table, she started pulling out some clothes. There were some nice items there, all new!  There were some tops, sweaters, skirts and jeans that she liked and so she went about setting them aside as she was going to try them on.  there was also a couple of pairs of dressy shoes in her size as well.  Taking off her work pants she tried on a few pairs of jeans.  Only one pair fit very well and she put that at the end of the table.  She managed to find some casual tops in her size that she also put on the end of the table.

There was one sweater that she particularly liked.  Long sleeved, dark brown, lapels and a zipper that you could show as much cleavage as you dared!  It seemed to go together with a light brown, hounds tooth skirt that Cathy also picked out.  The skirt was of high quality with a dark brown silk liner.  Both the skirt and sweater matched the tan heels that she also found and were comfortable.  Taking off her top, she put on the sweater.  It was very soft and a perfect fit.  Next, she slipped on the skirt backwards and slid it up her legs.  Zipping it from the front, she turned it until the zipper was at the back.  It was a little short as Cathy reached under it to un-bunch the liner clinging to her pantyhose.  Next, she slipped her feet into her shoes and walked back into the store to look at herself in the full length mirror.  "Mmmmm" she said to herself.  "Flat shoes and sweater zipped up, kinda clique, zipped down with these heels, kinda leggy and sexy!"  She turned to her left and right and looked over her shoulder in the dim light.  "Maybe I could........"  The sound of banging on the side door broke the silence.

"Oh my god, the guys are here!" she said to no one in particular, looking up at the clock on the wall as she ran to the store room to let them in.  It was six thirty.  Dodging past the stuff scattered all around she slammed into the door as the banging continued.  Fumbling with the lock she yelled: "Hang on!" and then moving back, yanked the door open.  Todd stepped in followed by another man that she had never seen before. "Hi Todd!" she said. "You're early!"  Todd didn't make eye contact. "Yeah..a little."  "Who, this?  Aren't you going to introduce me..'Todd'" the other man said as he looked at Cathy.  He made her feel uncomfortable and she zippered up her sweater and smoother her skirt down. "Cathy" said Todd.  "Nice to meet you 'Cathy'" he said in a creepy way, holding out his hand.  "She ignored him and turned to Todd.  "Er...I'll get out of your way so you load up.  I'll be in the sorting room."  "No need to leave Cathy...we're just picking up one thing, ain't that right Todd?  In fact, we want you to stay right here."

"Don't hurt her!  You promised!"  Cathy couldn't comprehend what was going on.  "Todd?"  "Yeah Todd, tell her we have just one pick up and one delivery!"  "What's going on?"  "I'm sorry Cathy."  The other man had opened an old plastic tub by the door and pulled out a white cellophane wrapped parcel.  Cathy knew drugs when she saw them.  Turning, she tried to run from the room but Todd grabbed her and clamped his hand over her mouth.  "Don't scream, please don't scream." he whispered in her ear.  "Tie her up and let's get out of here!" the other man said.  "There's some rope hanging on a hook behind the door...get if for me and some cloths."  Todd said to his companion.  Holding Cathy tight against him, he spoke to her. "I'm sorry,...I got some debts to pay.  This is the only way I know how.  We won't hurt you.  Promise.  Just do as I say."  Cathy wriggled but he was too strong.  "Don't fight me!"  The other man came back.  Todd didn't tust her and kept his hand firmly across her mouth.  "Get her arms and tie her hands behind her."  Cathy felt her arms being roughly pulled behind and rope being tied around her wrists.  "Gimme that cloth!" commanded Todd as he shoved a wad into Cathy's mouth.  Then using another piece, pushed it into her mouth and tied it around her head.  "I can take it from here."

"Hurry up!" the man yelled as he walked out of the door carrying the package.  After gagging her, he turned Cathy and tightly secured her arms to her body with the other lengths of rope.  He then walked her over and sat her down on an old chest and tied her ankles and legs.  Using the last piece of cloth, he wound that round her face, completing the gag.  Cathy looked at him, but remained still.  "I'm sorry."  he said as he turned to leave.  Getting into the van he slammed the door.  "Done?"  Todd nodded, looking at the floor boards and the discarded food wrappers laying there.  Cathy sat on the chest and tried moving her arms and hands.  The ropes were tight, without any give to them.  She tried moving her legs but they were tied just as tight.  Maybe she could get up and hop to where the scissors are or something that she could cut the ropes with.  She tried standing, her body bent over.  She tried moving her legs.  She felt frighteningly unbalanced and she sat back down.

"I'm goin' to check on her before we leave." he said to Todd as he finished off the remainder of his Vodka.  Getting out of the cab he walked back towards the storage room door.  Cathy heard the door open and she twisted on the chest to see the man standing there.  He closed the door and slowly walked over to her. "Well well, lookit you all tied up!  You get dressed up for us did ya Honey?"  Walking behind the chest Cathy felt his hands on hers as he tugged on the rope.  Moving to her side he pushed his face against hers while putting his arm around her.  " smell real good." he said as he kissed the side of her face.  He tugged at the zipper and she felt his hand start to massage her breasts.  "Oh yeah, nice tits, oh you like that?"  Cathy remained still.  Slipping his other hand under her sweater he gently rubbed her stomach.  She looked at the light bulb that dimly illuminated the room when suddenly she felt his hand on her thigh.  Moving his hand from the outside to between her legs, he slid it up as far as it would go and began to rub her there.  She thought of the first time she was felt up in high school when she was a cheerleader.  'This guy was just as clumsy as the quarterback, except I wasn't bound and gagged back then.'

Bang!  The door burst open. "Wadda fuck?  You shit!" He yelled as he ran towards the guy and pushed him away from Cathy.  "What's wrong with you???  Eh?"  Looking at Todd he yelled: "She's a piece of ass!" he said picking himself up of the floor.  "You wanna add sexual assault if we get caught?  Do ya, do ya??  Get in the fuckin' van now!!"  Bent over, the man ran out of the room.  Todd looked at Cathy. "I'm sorry...I'm just..."  He turned and left the room, closing the door gently behind him.  Secretly, she wished that it was Todd who came back to check on her.

Country Courtin Pt II
'Pon hearin' her Pa's voice, Mary Jane began a wrigglin' and a yellin' as best she could do, but Jr. there had her all trussed up like-a prized steer.  Yep, that poor ol' gal couldn't do a nothin' as she struggled in the dirt behind the shack, gettin' her purdy Sunday dress and stockin's all dirty tryin' t'get free.  Looks like Jr. bagged himself a sweet heart, that sneaky ol' rascal!  
The Physical Pt.3
'Where did that come from?' I thought to myself.  "I don't know Mr. Black."  "Ron, please"  "I've never been tied up before.  Ron.  I saw something on the telly a long time ago on how to escape from duct tape, you rub it against corners of things, chairs, er walls or......" "What about if they used rope?" "I don't know.." I stammered. "I wouldn't know."  Suddenly the phone 'chirped' "Excuse me a minute." he said getting up and walking away from the desk.  I looked at the cash still laying there. 'Should I put it in my bag now, or wait.  Who was he talking too?  If I pass the physical, I thought to myself,  I should be able to come up with clothes I already have, to comply with the dress code each day.  Is he suggesting that they are they going to tie me up I wonder?  Surely not?'  Mr. Black came back into the room.  "The job is yours if you want it!"  I could barely contain my excitement.  "Great!  When do I start?"  "Day after tomorrow, nine a.m."  "Okay, Ron." I said standing up.  "So I'll see you tomorrow!" I said extending my hand. "For the physical, right?"  He looked at me and said.  "Oh no,...we kind of need to do it now."  We both stood apart looking at each other.   "Are you going to tie me up?" I asked, sounding a little nervous.  "Well yes," came the reply.  "But I'm not really dressed for it!"  "Sorry," he shook his head.  "It either now or never."  I looked at the cash still on the desk.

"What do I have to do?"  I said trying to sound as nonchalont as possible.  "Nothing.  I'll do it all."  "Is this going to hurt?"  " shouldn't.  You just won't be able to move a lot.  That's all.  Okay..turn around and put your hands behind your back"  Turning around, I stood looking at the wall, feeling a little stupid.  I heard him come back from the other room and clump sound came from the carpet behind me.  I turned and looked down at the pile of ropes that were on the floor.  "Are you going to use all those on me?" I said looking at him.  "Not all." he said as he searched though the pile.  ", hands behind your back!"  I felt his hands on mine and then the rope being wrapped around my wrists.  He then took another peice, wound it around my waist and secured my wrists to my back.  tFinished with my hands, he used a long peice and wound that around my body and above my elbows, the same with another long peice above my bust and upper arms.  "This doesn't feel too bad.  It's not stressfull...quite comfortable."  "Well I haven't finished yet." he repled.  Suddenly, he started to pull on them causing the ropes to tighten around my body.  This took me by surprize.  "Youch!  That's tight!"  "It's supposed to be!" he said with a sneer, that I didn't like the sound of.  'What if he's psyco or a killer? Or maybe his partner is, and he's getting me ready for him.  Maybe they are kidnappers...maybe this wasn't such a good idea.'  I felt my wrists tighten as he pulled on the last bit of rope.  "I don't feel right" I said trying to sound pathetic.  "Just go with it don't mind me calling you Alicia do you?"  "No."  "Are you scared?" he said as he turned me to face him.  "A little" I said quietly, not feeling as strong and as confident as I felt earlier.  "Almost done." He said pulling a white cloth out of his pocket.  "Got to keep you quiet Alicia"

to be continued.......
The Physical Pt.2
"This new application was my partner's idea.  He's a bit sexist."  "Really?"  I said with a smile.  I guess he would approve of this outfit then." I said as I uncrossed my legs and leaned forward to sign the application.  "He's already seen it and likes it very much I can tell you.  He told me when you were in the waiting room that quote: 'we have to hire this hot chick'...sorry, girl.  He..he said chick, but...."  "What?" I said.  "When did he see me?"  "Why, through the security cameras.  They're all over the place.  We sell diamonds, so they're everywhere."  I felt a bit stupid.  Of course they would be.  Being called a 'hot chick' was new one on me.  That's an American term and not used here often.  Leaning forward again, I signed the application, then noticed an asterix.  There, next to the asterix, in small letters was a sentence that said: 'Contingent on successful completion of physical exercise / stress test to be determined by employer.' 

Turning the paper aroundt, I pushed it across the desk to Mr. Black.  "What does this mean?" I said as he dug into another draw and pulled out an envelope. "Twenties and tens okay?" he said, as a matter of fact as he shook the contents of the envelope onto the desk.  The sight of all that money made me laugh a little.  "What's wrong?"  I shook my head.  "Oh nothing...just, you know, that much cash and..  So what is the physical test I have to pass.  As you can see, I'm in good health, I take care of myself, so what do I need to do?  Set up an appointment with a doctor?"  Mr. Black looked nervously down at the money on the desk top.  Some sweat had formed on his upper lip.  "No, no, nothing like that it','s like this.  How do you cope under stressful conditions?"  Leaning back on my chair I tried to sound relaxed.  "Such as, like what?"  He fidgeted a little and then said. "Say, let's say, er just for arguments sake, someone, or two, came in and told you they were going to rob the place.  How would you react to that?"  "I would push the silent alarm, you do have one don't you?"  "Oh yes the receptionist's desk has one....but say after you buzzed them in, you got up from the desk and had no time to alert the police?"  "Then I would just do what they say but act dumb like I don't know anything."  "Mmm...okay.  Now, er, say they tied you up?  What would you would you feel?"

to be continued......


'Skid' Marx
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
My shtick, so to speak, is the allure of the Damsel in Distress. It could be me being the Duddly Doright and rescuing them, or being the Hooded Claw (or some such villain!) holding them captive. My first awareness of this was when I was about 6 or 7, watching UK's Candid Camera with Johnathan Routh. Must have been 1961 as it was in B&W. There was a prank where they tied a young woman to a chair as well as gagging her and left her in the middle of the floor in a tobacconists shop. When customers came in she started to struggle and try to ask them to untie her. The prank was that reason why she was like that, according to the proprietor, was because : "she owed money and until she paid, he was keeping her that way!" Virtually all of the customers, except the one at the end of the skit, accepted the explanation and left! The camera did a lot of close ups of her bound legs and ankles and her arms that were tied to the back of the chair as well as close ups of her face and her struggling! I've searched for that clip everywhere but the only one I can find is the Italian version on YouTube. (see link) That one is pretty good but it's a lot tamer and the rope work is a bit sloppy compared to the UK version. Then of course there was on TV, the 'Avengers', 'Dept.'S'', 'Strange Report' and many US detective/cop shows. Then one day in my teens, I came across a magazine carousel with imported 'Man's' magazines and there were of course with them, 'Confidential Detective and 'Crime Detective' Most of these detective magazines in the late 60's and early 70's had a bound and gagged 'babe' on the cover in full colour. Usually with cleavage and a hiked skirt showing, sometimes, stocking or pantyhose tops! And that, is what started it all for me! Finally, I would like to recognize Rope Expert and his great sites (Nabher and Heels and Rope) that inspired me to photo manipulate some of his work and the wonderful models he has used! Also be sure to check out: 'Captured Snapshots', Steven Villa's: 'Older Women Tied' and 'Girl Next Door Bondage' if you like helplessly realistic damsels in distress. Jim Hunter's: 'Hunter's Lair', you won't be disappointed! and Sandra Silvers...what a babe!
I am way, way behind on posting updates from earlier postings.  I've been working on some stories but there is a mountain of older stuff going back to last year, that I need to finish up on.  Cheers!


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