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Santa's Helper
"Daddy!! Daddy!! Wake up!!  Remember what you told me you wanted for Christmas??  Well come downstairs and look what Santa brought you!!"
Blue Light Special Pt.IX
Taking me by the wrist, he pulled me towards the area of the building that used to be the gardening center.  Suddenly he stopped and reaching into his pocket, pulled out a large knife.  For one split second I thought he was going to stab me!  "No, no senorita, es sólo para efecto....effect, si?  Yes??"  "Oh, oh for the effect."  He nodded his head wrapped his arm around my waist holding the knife and put his other hand over my mouth.  He resumed pulling me towards the gardening center and I pretended to resist.  We stopped next to the merchandise racks, now partially bare of stuff.  "Don't scream y no te lastime."  He repeated it louder and held the knife close to my throat.  I nodded my head. 

There was a chair near one of the displays and he reached over and slid it next to me.  "Sentarse...sit!"
  I sat on the chair.  Grabbing my shoulders he turned me so I sat sideways on it.  For a small man, be was remarkably strong.  Taking hold of my arms, he pulled them behind my back.  I was again feeling very scared.  I looked around and saw a tiny red light blinking high up on the wall opposite us.  It must be the security camera.   "Please don't hurt me." I said looking over my shoulder at the man who was now tying my wrists.  He said nothing but wrapped more and more lengths of rope around them.

to be continued......  
Blue Light Special Pt.VIII
Walking back to the tool department I glanced at my watch.  Almost five.  There were a few customers there in my department and I busied myself to try and sell as much merchandise as I could, just to pass the time.  Right at six thirty. I heard the signal.  It seemed like it was coming from a long way away, but there it was.  Three blasts from a truck horn.  My mouth went a little dry.  Walking over to 'Home Improvement' I spotted Max with a customer.  Trotting over to him I asked him if he could keep and eye out in my department as I had to go to the loading dock and open the door.  "Sure, sure, no problem.  Sorry about that.  You were asking if the toaster oven had any additional features?  Well..." 

I left Max with his customer and hurried to the door marked: 'Employees Only'  Pushing though I went over to the control panel and switched on the bay lights.  The click of the switches echoed around the loading dock.  Quickly, I walked along to the wall where the security code box was located, my heels 'click clacking' on the concrete floor.  After putting in the code, I pressed the 'Open' button and the large double doors started to rise up with a clattering sound.  When the doors were halfway up, Tim and four or five other men came in.  Tim smiled at me and said: "I knew I could count on you!"  "I'll be honest, I'm scared to death."  "Everything is going to be fine."  Turning to the men he said something in Spanish and a short thin man wearing coveralls and a baseball cap, stepped forward.  He was carrying a bundle of rope in his hand.  "Jose will take care of you."  The man nodded and tied a bandanna around his face. 

to be continued...... 
Blue Light Special Pt.VII
"You would?"  "Of course Mr......I mean 'Dave'."  Coming from behind the desk he stood over me.  "Okay...this will really help me a lot.  Let me whisper the code in your ear, but you promise not to tell a soul."  Turning slightly to face him, I uncrossed my legs and put my hands by my side.  "Okay."  I said smiling mischievously and biting my bottom lip.  Even in the dim light of the office I could tell he must be able to see my underwear.  "Tell me." I crossed my legs again as he sat down next to me on the couch and wrapped his arm around my shoulders.  Putting his other hand against my cheek he whispered in my ear; "Six, nine, six, nine, six nine.  Don't tell anyone!" 

Resting his hand on my knee, he rubbed it gently.  "You know, I can get you a good job after this is all over.  I'm going to be working at my Uncles furniture store and I could use an assistant."  He slid his hand up my thigh, his callouses scraping along my nylons.  "Whatda say?"  "I say you better not put a hole in my pantyhose Mr. Davies!"  He lifted his hand off my leg and looked at his watch.  "I gotta go!  Don't tell anyone to code.  I'll stop by later to see how things went.  You're a doll Lucy!"  Grabbing the present he paused to watch me struggle to stand up from the low couch hoping to get another shot of my undies before he rushed out of the room.  I smoothed down my skirt, took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

to be continued....... 
Blue Light Special Pt.VI
Suddenly, I heard the sound of footsteps and whistling as Mr. Davies approached the office.  Pushing the magazine back under the calendar, I stood by the desk.  The door opened and Davies walked in.  "Oh...hello Lucy!" he said surprised, at the same time looking me up and down.  "What brings you here?  Business or pleasure?  Pleasure I hope!" he said with a sneer.  "Oh you are a joker Mr. Davies!" I said in my little girl voice as convincingly as I could.  " me Dave." he said moving closer.  "Okay...'Dave'  Oh, so, anyway, the trucking company called and said that they will be here this evening to pick up the unsold merchandise." 

His mouth dropped open.  "What?  What?  When did they call?"  "Mmmm..about fifteen minutes ago.  Why is that going to be a problem?" I said.  "Damn right.  I have to let them in.  Oh shit!"  He started frantically going though one of the boxes that was on his chair.  "I have to call them back, I have to call them back!  I'm going to be late, oh shit!"  I had do something quickly.  Sitting down on the couch I crossed my legs.  "I can let them in for you Mr. Davies.  I could use the extra money for staying late that is."  He continued to riffle through the box.  "Whats that?" he said looking directly at me.  I fluttered my eyes.  "I said, I can let them in if you like."  Slowly I uncrossed my legs and recrossed them.  His attention was now focused on me.

to be continued........        


'Skid' Marx
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
My shtick, so to speak, is the allure of the Damsel in Distress. It could be me being the Duddly Doright and rescuing them, or being the Hooded Claw (or some such villain!) holding them captive. My first awareness of this was when I was about 6 or 7, watching UK's Candid Camera with Johnathan Routh. Must have been 1961 as it was in B&W. There was a prank where they tied a young woman to a chair as well as gagging her and left her in the middle of the floor in a tobacconists shop. When customers came in she started to struggle and try to ask them to untie her. The prank was that reason why she was like that, according to the proprietor, was because : "she owed money and until she paid, he was keeping her that way!" Virtually all of the customers, except the one at the end of the skit, accepted the explanation and left! The camera did a lot of close ups of her bound legs and ankles and her arms that were tied to the back of the chair as well as close ups of her face and her struggling! I've searched for that clip everywhere but the only one I can find is the Italian version on YouTube. (see link) That one is pretty good but it's a lot tamer and the rope work is a bit sloppy compared to the UK version. Then of course there was on TV, the 'Avengers', 'Dept.'S'', 'Strange Report' and many US detective/cop shows. Then one day in my teens, I came across a magazine carousel with imported 'Man's' magazines and there were of course with them, 'Confidential Detective and 'Crime Detective' Most of these detective magazines in the late 60's and early 70's had a bound and gagged 'babe' on the cover in full colour. Usually with cleavage and a hiked skirt showing, sometimes, stocking or pantyhose tops! And that, is what started it all for me! Finally, I would like to recognize Rope Expert and his great sites (Nabher and Heels and Rope) that inspired me to photo manipulate some of his work and the wonderful models he has used! Also be sure to check out: 'Captured Snapshots', Steven Villa's: 'Older Women Tied' and 'Girl Next Door Bondage' if you like helplessly realistic damsels in distress. Jim Hunter's: 'Hunter's Lair', you won't be disappointed! and Sandra Silvers...what a babe!
I am way, way behind on posting updates from earlier postings.  I've been working on some stories but there is a mountain of older stuff going back to last year, that I need to finish up on.  Cheers!


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